Basic HTML for Text, Images, HyperLinks & Tables
HTML to UseResult with Explanation
Text HTML - More Examples
<b>Your Bold Text</b>  =    Your Bold Text    Note: Be sure to use closing tags i.e. </b>
<i>Your Italic Text</i>  or <s>Strike Through Text</s> =    Your Italic Text or Strike Through Text
<u>Your Underline Text</u>  =    Your Underline Text
<b><font color=red>Your Bold Red Text</font></b>  =    Your Bold Red Text
Use <br> for Line Breaks & <p> for Paragraphs =    Note: No Closing tags are required for these two codes.
Image Source Specification - More Examples
<img src="http://YourUrl/YourImage.gif">  =    Example HTML code - Note: use space between <img and src= & this is case sensitive.  Use YourImage.gif or .jpg
<img src="">  =        Example showing eBay's shades
<img src="">
<img src=""> 
=          Example images Side by Side.  For Stacked Images use <br> or <p> between image source statements
HyperLink Source Specification with Text or Image - More Examples
<a href="">Link Text</a>  =   Link Text   Example Link to eBay's Home page.  Note: use space between <a and href=
<a href="">
<img src=""> </a> 
=       Example Link to eBay's Home Page using image for link.  Specify border=0 after .../mask.gif" border=0> for no border around image.
Basic Table & HTML Tutorial Links - More Examples
<table border=1><tr>
<td>Cell One</td> <td>Cell Two </td>
Cell One Cell Two
=    Simple Two Cell Table.  tr = table row, td = table data.
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