Basic HTML Image Source Specifications
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Image Source Specification
<img src="http://YourUrl/YourImage.gif">  =    Example HTML code - Note: use space between <img and src= & this is case sensitive.  Use YourImage.gif or .jpg
<img src="">  =        Example showing eBay's shades
<img src="" border=1>   =        Example Image with a border of 1. 
<img src="">
<img src=""> 
=          Example Images Side by Side. 
<img src="" hspace=20>
<img src=""> 
=          Horizontal spacing between images using hspace=n where n= the number of pixels for the spacing i.e. 20 in this example. 
<img src=""> <br>
<img src=""> 
          Example of Stacked Images.  Use <br> or <p> between image source statements
<img src="" align=left>  

=    Aligns image to left

<center><img src=""></center>  

=    Aligns image to center

<img src="" align=right>  

=    Aligns image to right

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