Basic HTML for Tables
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Basic Tables
<table border=1><tr><td>One Cell Table</td></tr></table> 
One Cell Table

=    Simple One Cell Table tr = table row, td = table data.
   * Be sure to use closing tags for each </td> </tr> </table>

<table border=1><tr><td>Cell One</td><td>
<img src=""></td>
<td>Cell Three</td>

Cell One Cell Three

=    Simple Three Cell Table with Image in Cell two.

<table border=0><tr><td>Cell One</td><td>
<img src=""></td>
<td>Cell Three</td>

Cell One Cell Three

=    Same table as above with no border i.e. border=0.

<table border=3 cellpadding=10 bordercolor=red><tr><td>
Cell One</td><td>Cell Two</td><td>Cell Three</td>
<td>Cell Four</td><td>Cell Five</td><td>Cell Six</td>

Cell One Cell Two Cell Three
Cell Four Cell Five Cell Six

=    Simple Six Cell Two Row Table with cellpadding to increase the spacing between the lettering and the border of each cell by 10 pixels with a border color of red and a border width of 3 pixels.

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