Posting Copy & Paste HTML

For those wanting to post direct Copy&Paste HTML on screen without the use of spaces or *s etc. and the need to explain those substitutions:  Use   &lt;    to substitute for each opening tag  <   in each tagged set of HTML.  

Example, typing the following:

&lt;a href="">&lt;img src="">&lt;/a>

Will show up on screen as:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Which when copied will result in a hyperlink to using the mask gif as the link:

Note: if you need to post &lt; on screen the character code or entity name for the & must be used which is &#38; or &amp; ,respectively, and would be &#38;lt; or &amp;lt;   Other iso8859-1 HTML Symbols & Codes can be found here. Counters
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