Use of Wide Tables (width=100%) in eBay Auctions

100% width tables work fine in eBay auctions without scrolling off to the right as long as you begin your auction html description with the closing blockquote tag  </blockquote>   This results from the fact that eBay uses a <blockquote> statement in their code immediately before the insertion point of the auction html that we post, therefore using a </blockquote> will negate the indentation that the eBay blockquote invokes.  A blockquote inserts a 40 pixel indent on both the left and right margins, however, if you're using a large table % width that encroaches on the 40 pixels that the blockquote invokes then the table will begin to scroll off to the right.  I have noticed that some people begin their auction html with a blockquote statement which in conjunction with the eBay blockquote is in effect a double blockquote that invokes an 80 pixel indent on both the left and right margins, thus an even smaller width table is required so as not to be affected by the blockquote margins as in the 80%to 85% widths.  This post shows the results of two blockquote statements, the text body here with the first and the 3 auction links below with the second.  Text shows the right margin indent but a table with a width of 100% will display with the browser's original width plus a 40 pixel right scroll off for a single blockquote or an 80 pixel right scroll off with a double blockquote.  Examples:  100% Table if used with </blockquote>;  100% Table preceded by 1 blockquote (as occurs in eBay auction format);  and a 100% Table preceded by 2 blockquotes (as would occur if one uses a blockquote at the beginning of their auction html).

Here are three examples of wide tables used in eBay auctions.  These examples all begin with </blockquote> statement and use a 100% width table statement.

1).  Collectible Two Rows
2).  Book Two Rows
3).  Book Two Columns
In Summary, if you want to use wide tables in your auctions, i.e. 100% width tables, use a closing  </blockquote>   tag at the beginning of your auction html. Counters
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